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Solo Treater Electrodes
SHIPMENT is usually 2-3 weeks after receipt of
order: FOB Rowlett, Texas
With another industry first, Solo Systems' offers fully adjustable shoe-shaped electrodes.

ABILITY to get maximum treater power onto your film is determined directly by the efficiency of your treater
electrode.  More uniform, higher treat levels are achieved by determining the optimum electrode radius and
area in relation to treater capacity, roll diameter, line speed and web width changes.  Each Solo Systems'
shoe-shaped adjustable treater electrode is engineered to match your individual line requirements.

SHOE-SHAPED electrodes spread corona over a wider area providing longer treat time for higher treat
levels.  Faster line speeds or lower power settings are possible with these electrodes.  

ADJUSTABLE length electrodes limit corona treatment to the width of the web.
Both features contribute to longer roll life by reducing current density and roll hot-spot temperature.

SOLO SYSTEMS' electrodes work successfully with most treater brands.

ELECTRODE STOCK is available to match any diameter treater roll from four inches and up. Length
is variable in half inch or one inch increments with or without a fixed center portion.  Shoes can also
be radiused to ensure correct fit with your treater roll.
Solo Systems' treaters are easy to order.  
We help you look at alternatives, plan for variables,
and specify a cost-effective treater for your line -
often in a single phone call!

Contact us today with your questions.
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