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As with any fine machinery, careful attention to a regular maintenance schedule helps
extend the service life of the equipment and increases its efficiency and dependability.

A check list for general maintenance:

____    Clean and inspect treater rolls once a shift.  Remove material deposits with a good
          industrial, non-abrasive cleaner.

____    Remove deposits from electrode insulators regularly to prevent build-up of
         conductive materials.*

____    Clean station enclosure often with a good industrial cleaner to reduce buildup of
         corrosive materials.*

____    Replace or repair bent or worn shafts on rolls.

____    Be sure all safety devices are operating properly.

____    Lubricate roll bearings regularly.  Be sure they turn freely.

____    Follow generator and transformer manufacturer's maintenance instructions.

*Note:  Build-up of slip and other materials which precipitate out of the web during the
corona treating process can become carbonized on the roll, electrode, and insulator
surfaces.  Because the material is conductive, it can interfere with the electrical efficiency of
the treating system, or cause high voltage arcs and damage the coating and electrode
Email Elissa Westerheim for printable PDFs of the following:

* E-3 Epoxy roll coating cleaning procedures
* Epoxy repair instructions

* Checklist for general treater maintenance (A great resource to have on hand for your

* Troubleshooting checklist (Also a great resource to have on hand)
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