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S500 series

The S500 Drop Thru Thread extends the same gravity assisted threading as the S600 E-Z
Thread treater to single side treat process.

Fully enclosed and properly vented, the S500 Drop Thru Thread exhausts ozone to
maintain a safe workplace.  S500 Drop Thru Thread treaters come equipped with Solo
Systems' efficient aluminum electrode, a cool running roller and E-3 epoxy treater roll
coating - proven in the field for 50 years.


S500 Drop Thru Thread treaters have the features you need for operating efficiency.  S500
Drop Thru Thread enclosures are safety interlocked.  The zero speed switch cuts treater
power automatically if the line stops.  This safeguards the equipment and the web.  
Electrode segments adjust in 1/2" or 1" increments to match web width for job-by-job
flexibility.  With drop through threading and automatic indexing, the S500 Drop Thru
Thread gets your line back in motion fast.


All Solo Systems' brand corona treaters are built to last.  With corrosion resistant
materials, stainless steel hardware and careful construction, you can expect years of trouble-
free corona treating, minimal maintenance and maximum productivity from your line.  


All S500 Drop Thru Thread can support up to a 24" treater roll.  This treater gives you the
easy of the 2 -side E-Z Thread for a 1 -side treat application.  Two S500 Drop Thru Thread
treaters mounted back to back make a convenient, low cost system to treat the inside of a
split web.


S500 Drop Thru Thread treaters are completely pre-wired internally with ready hookups for
shop air and control power from your power supply.  Mounting brackets are pre-drilled for
your installation site or portable equipment cart.  Portable equipment carts are also
available for purchase to fit your new or existing treater.  S500 Drop Thru Thread treaters
are light-weight and compact for easy installation on new or existing lines.

Our S500 series comes in a variety of sizes from 4" diameter rolls to 24" diameter rolls.  
The Drop Thru threading system treats one side of the web.  It is designed for easy
threading of the web by having a pneumatic roll cage that retracts for drop-through
threading.  This station is ideal for general or mixed use blown film lines.

All these features are standard on S500 Drop Thru Thread treaters:

  1.    Corrosion resistant aluminum enclosure
  2.    Drop-through threading
  3.    Automatic indexing
  4.    Input and Output idler rolls
  5.    Electrode adjustable in 1/2" or 1" increments
  6.    Electrode matched to your power supply
  7.    Enclosed electrical and pneumatic assemblies
  8.    Stainless steel hardware
  9.    Sealed bearings
  10.    Safety/door interlocks
  11.    Zero speed switch
  12.    Pre-wired internally
  13.    Exhaust duct built in
  14.    Mounting brackets pre-drilled

Optional features for S500 Drop Thru Thread treaters:

  •    Nip rolls
  •    Drive assembly
  •    E-3 Epoxy treater roll coating, ceramic, glass or silicone sleeve
  •    Adjustable or fixed electrode segments.
Great for all types Blown Film lines
*One side of the web is treated.   * Easy drop through threading.
Solo Systems' treaters are easy to order.  
We help you look at alternatives, plan for variables,
and specify a cost-effective treater for your line -
often in a single phone call!

Contact us today with your questions.
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