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S1000 series
Solo Systems' treaters are easy to order.  We
help you look at alternatives, plan for variables,
and specify a cost-effective treater for your line -
often in a single phone call!
Great for Limited Space
* Both sides of the web are treated.   * All access through front side

The S1000FA series stations are narrow front to back with all access through full width front
doors.  Operators have ample clearance for manual thread-up, treat width adjustment and
gapping of both electrodes - all from the front of the station.  


The film wraps the treater rolls 180 degrees.  Maximum wrap allows lower film tension levels
to maintain positive roll rotation.  In some applications, the extra wrap may eliminate the
need for external drive.


Pneumatic cylinders, pivot mechanisms, relays, and air lines are located outboard of the
frames.  This helps isolate them from corrosive ozone and provides convenient access for


The S1000FA provides good, directed ventilation to remove ozone, cool the treater rolls and
pull away volatiles that are flashed off the film during the treat process.  Film entry and exit
slots are kept narrow by counterweighted, swing away panels.  These panels allow start-up
knots to pass through the station and then swing back to position for correct air infiltration.  
An exhaust duct is provided to connect to your plant exhaust system.  Properly installed and
vented, the unit has a strong downdraft air path designed to minimize residue accumulation
and cleaning requirements.

S1000FA series treaters are compatible with various power levels and line conditions.  The
S1000FA can be bolted directly to the primary or secondary nip assembly to minimize floor
space requirements and provide a belt drive connection near the nip roll itself.*  The S1000FA
small footprint and convenient front access make it a logical choice for film extruders with
limited tower mezzanine space and access.

This station is ideal for bag lines or high speed blown film lines.

Standard Features:
  1.    Corrosion resistant aluminum enclosure
  2.    Automatic indexing
  3.    Input and Output idler rolls
  4.    Electrodes adjustable in 1/2" or 1" increments
  5.    Electrodes matched to your power supply
  6.    Enclosed electrical and pneumatic assemblies
  7.    Stainless steel hardware
  8.    Sealed bearings
  9.    Safety/door interlocks
  10.    Zero speed switches
  11.    Pre-wired internally
  12.    Exhaust duct built in
  13.    Mounting brackets pre-drilled

Optional features for S1000FA series:*
- Nip rolls
- Drive assembly
- E-3 Epoxy treater roll coating, ceramic, glass or silicone sleeve
- Adjustable or fixed electrode segments.
- Station can be made for either top down or bottom up threading.
- Roll slot for easy removal of treater rolls, if needed.

Pictured below is a S1006FA with optional roll slots and drive system.  Roll slots make
removal of the treater rolls easy, especially on longer treaters.  Check out this
page for more
images of the S1000FA.
This treater is 26" deep.
This treater is 13" deep.
The S1000FA is made for tight spaces.
Solo Systems' treaters are easy to order.  
We help you look at alternatives, plan for variables,
and specify a cost-effective treater for your line -
often in a single phone call!

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