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Converters of blown and cast film, food packaging material, plastic bags, tapes and labels, and an
ever increasing number of specialty items, are successfully using corona discharge treating for web
surface preparation.  In order to print, bond, or laminate these materials, it is often necessary to
modify the surface of the web from its virgin state.  The ability to improve its stacking, printing,
adhesive, bonding and laminating characteristics has made possible much of the progress and
growth of the plastics and packaging industry over the last 50 years.  Corona treating is a proven
technology, and our modern systems are efficient and cost effective.

Corona discharge is a continuous plasma of ionized particles.  This ionization is formed in the air
gap between a high voltage power source and the resistance of an electrical insulating material.  As
the surface of the material facing the electrode is exposed to the corona, the energy modifies the
molecular structure of the web surface.

The degree of modification is generally determined by measuring the surface tension of the
material.  Tests are based on ASTM standards and read in dynes per cm.  It is said that the surface
tension is increased and therefore, the "wetability" is increased.

Basically, the process works by exposing the web material, in line, to the energy of an electrical
corona discharge.  The energy changes the molecular structure of the web surface so that it will
more readily accept inks, adhesives, and laminates.  This improved bond strength can be measured
by standard ASTM surface tension tests.

Pictured below is our Front Access Treater Station.  This machine is great if your facility has
limited space.  The front doors allow you to adjust both electrodes and clear knots or splices with
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