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These general operating guidelines can improve the performance of any treating

1. Determine the treat level necessary for your product and its application as exactly
as possible.  A dyne level standard of plus or minus 2 dynes is generally acceptable in
most applications.

2. Use the lowest possible power settings to develop the corona necessary to treat to
the dyne level required.

3. Run the system as cool as possible to increase the service life of all electrical

DON'T OVERTREAT!  -  Overtreating wastes power and generates excess heat,
ozone, and other corrosive elements which can shorten the service life of the treater
station and its components.

Check the generator settings when the following conditions occur.

1. Changes are made in the treating system, i.e., when roll covering is changed or
when the electrode gap or width is changed.

2. Changes in the treat level are required.

3. Changes occur in the product treated, such as the addition of slip or other

4. Changes occur in the line speed.

Mechanical Considerations:

1. Be sure the treater rolls run straight and true.

2. Be sure the gap between the electrode and the treater roll is even and concentric
across the width of the web.

3. Adjust the air gap to no less than .060" and no more than .065", typically .062".

4. Adjust the electrode width so corona is formed only on the web.

5. Be sure the zero speed switch is connected and operating properly.

Match roll coverings for two-sided treat when one generator powers both
electrodes.  Since different coatings have different dielectric constants, a mismatch
can cause an uneven distribution of power between the two rolls.  This may result in
uneven treat and premature coating failure.  We recommend our
E-3 Epoxy roll
coating for all of your treater rolls.  Our value-priced, guaranteed formula will help
you achieve maximum efficiency.
Solo Systems' treaters are easy to order.  
We help you look at alternatives, plan for variables,
and specify a cost-effective treater for your line -
often in a single phone call!

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Email Elissa Westerheim for printable PDFs of the following:

* E-3 Epoxy roll coating cleaning procedures
* Epoxy repair instructions

* Checklist for general treater maintenance (A great resource to have on hand for your

* Troubleshooting checklist (Also a great resource to have on hand)
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