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Solo Systems treaters are designed for easy installation.  Mounting angles are
included so that installation is often as simple as bolting the station in line, connecting
the high voltage wire and attaching the
exhaust duct(s).

Electrical Connections: We recommend that the high voltage lead from the
transformer to the treater station be as short as possible to avoid losing power in the
line.  The lead should be well insulated.

Generator Setting: A variety of instrumentation is available from the major
manufacturers of industrial grade electrical generators.  Follow the manufacturer's
installation and operating instructions to ensure optimum performance from the

Before each start-up:
1.  Check generator settings according to the manufacturer's instructions.
2.  Check mechanical operation of the treater station, i.e., roll coating, bearings,
gap adjustment, electrodes, etc.
3.  Bring the treater rolls and electrodes up to power and temperature gradually
to avoid thermal shock to the coating.

Note: It is normal for the generator to run at lower power when the treater station
components are proportioned correctly.  Often, adequate treat is obtained using 50%
less power with Solo Systems treater stations.  Operating the treater at the lowest
possible power settings saves energy, increases roll coating life, increases generator
life, decreases noise pollution, and decreases excess ozone.
Email Elissa Westerheim for printable PDFs of the following:

* E-3 Epoxy roll coating cleaning procedures

* Epoxy repair instructions

* Checklist for general treater maintenance (A great resource to have on hand for your

* Troubleshooting checklist (Also a great resource to have on hand)
Solo Systems' treaters are easy to order.  
We help you look at alternatives, plan for variables,
and specify a cost-effective treater for your line -
often in a single phone call!

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