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A metal enclosure or cabinet around the operational parts of the corona treating station
helps protect workers from injury and adjacent equipment from damage.

High voltages, ozone, other corrosive gases and vapors are generated by corona treating.  
Although they are inherent in the process, they can be adequately controlled.  Solo Systems
corona treater cabinets are designed to reduce the hazards of these environmental

First, the enclosure helps protect operators from electrical shock and mechanical injury.  
Access doors to the enclosure have safety switches that are interlocked so that power is cut
off whenever a door is opened for service.  A zero speed switch cuts the power if the line
stops.  Viewing windows are located to permit observation of the corona without opening
the cabinet.

Second, the enclosure is a plenum chamber which can be connected by ducting to an
exhaust system.  Air paths through the enclosure are carefully calculated to provide the
necessary supply air for efficient vapor removal.  An exhaust duct is strategically located on
the enclosure to allow maximum effective purge of the station.  The duct is easily attached
to a blower and the plant exhaust system.  When the enclosure is properly installed, ducted
and vented, the blower can remove the ozone and other gases from the work area.

All Solo Systems treater cabinets are made of corrosion resistant, alodined aluminum with
stainless steel hardware.  They are pre-wired and meet or exceed National Electrical Code
specifications.  These features help maintain a cleaner, safer workplace.
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