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A high performance treating system, like a Solo Systems Treater, treats the substrate
consistently and dependably to the required dyne level at the required line speed.  It meets
service standards established for other good industrial grade machinery as follows:

1.  The mechanical portions (electrode, bearing, linkages, etc) provide an average
  service life in excess of 50,000 hours.
2.  Treater roll or electrode insulation average at least 8,000 hours service without
  replacement under normal operating conditions.
3.  The treater system is designed for easy installation by any qualified electrician and
  plant maintenance staff.
4.  The treater station is easy to operate and thread.  Electrode gap and treat width are
  easily adjustable.
5.  All controls are clearly marked and readily accessible to operators.
6.  Electrical components are enclosed in a metal cabinet.

For the safety of personnel during operation and maintenance, it is important to:

*  Enclose and vent the system.
*  Remove the ozone and gases from the work area.
*  Provide guards to prevent electrical shock or mechanical injury.
*  Provide safety switches to cut treater power when any enclosure door is opened
  for maintenance or thread-up.
*  Install a zero speed switch to cut generator power if the line stops.

Further, the entire system should be installed to comply with local, state, and federal safety
regulations and standards. Check regularly to be sure that all safety controls and switches
are operating properly.  Finally, train personnel to operate the machinery safely.  

A careful worker is your most valuable asset in maintaining a safe and healthful workplace.
Solo Systems' corona treater designs are based on proven technology and backed by 50
years of scientific study and experience in all aspects of corona treating.  All Solo treaters
are built with meticulous craftsmanship from the finest corrosion-resistant materials.  
Standard treater models typically offer the best economy and delivery.  We can make bare
roll stations as required, or engineer cost-effective custom equipment for unique

Solo Systems will provide major brand power supplies, work with your preferred vendor, or
design integrated systems to incorporate existing power units.  Each treater is matched to
the power supply for operating efficiency and economy.

In every case, Solo Systems equipment and engineering bring you consistent quality and
reliable performance.  Hundreds of our treaters have been in operation for decades.
Solo Systems' also refurbishes used Solo treaters.  
Use the plaque below to determine model type and treat width.  
call us with the "M#" for additional details.
Solo Systems' treaters are easy to order.  
We help you look at alternatives, plan for variables,
and specify a cost-effective treater for your line -
often in a single phone call!

Contact us today with your questions.
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