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"If the ink doesn't stick, we can fix that."
What We Do

Solo Systems, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of
corona treating equipment and authorized
distributor of major brand power supplies. Solo
Systems has been manufacturing Corona Treater
Stations, electrodes and rollers since 1967.

The ever-widening diversity of web materials,
ink, and adhesive formulations and product
specifications make it necessary to determine
treat level requirements on an individual basis
according to process requirement. With our
abundance of experience, we can find the right
solution to meet your needs.

Our products are engineered for compatibility
and longevity.  Many of our treaters have been
in constant production from their first
installation in excess of 30 years or more.  

We pledge to continue to support our machines
and products as long as you have them.
The Solo Systems Standard

Our Solo Systems Standard is our commitment to providing the
highest standard of quality available on the market.  When we
build a machine, we build it to last decades not years.

Treat with the best, Solo Systems, Inc.
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Solo Systems' treaters are easy to order.  
We help you look at alternatives, plan for variables,
and specify a cost-effective treater for your line -
often in a single phone call!

Contact us today with your questions.
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